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2013 Fair Vendors

Sorted by Vendor Name

Vendor Booth
3 Fold Clothing  
7th Mountain Design  
A Peace Chain  
Adams Olive Ranch  
After the Gold Rush  
Alaya Maitri Jewelry  
All Dogs Biscuit Bakery  
Ambrz Art  
Amy Pollock, Fiber Artist  
Anna’s Haute Aprons  
Annie’s Cambodian Foods  
Arcata Kiwanis  
Arcata Playhouse  
Arcata School Of Massage  
Baltic Amber & Creations  
Batty Bats  
Beautiful People Boutique  
Blessed Lotus
Blue Moon Crafted Creations  
Bohemian Mermaid  
Boozy Baubles  
Briana Kaufmann & Company  
By Nieves  
C 11 LLC  
CA Assoc of Midwives  
CA Native Plant Society  
Cara Johnson Design  
Caricature Arts  
Catlin Blair Harvey Studios  
Circle Creations  
Coin Smitten  
Congo Cafe  
Cool Shoes/ Mocassin Co  
Copious Glass  
Crop Tees  
Daishu-Yn West  
Dancing Gypsy Pies  
Dancing Tree  
David Kelley Woodworking  
Diane’s Sweet Heat  
DragonArt Glass  
Dragonfly Pottery  
Driftwood Designs  
Dusty Rose Design  
Elka Herbals  
Elquino Artefacto  
Fantasy Lane Fairies  
Fern Valley Soaps  
Fibre Poet / Kittens Knitting  
Flame Wrangler  
Friends of the Eel River  
Fused Glass House  
Girl Friday Art  
Golden Bee Candleworks  
Golden Spirits  
Green Pisces Designs  
Guinnevere’s Candles  
Handwoven by Jane  
Harmonic Botanicals  
Hat People  
Head Change Arts  
Heartwood Natural Toys  
Henna Adorned  
Hudson River Inlay  
Humboldt Co Green Party  
Humboldt County Democrats  
Humboldt Hot Dogs  
Humboldt Hotsauce  
Hyampom Valley Soap  
Jim Xu  
Jo Stafinbil Jewelry  
John & Eva’s  Imagery Dyes  
Julia Garretson Artist  
Just a Little Charm  
Krinkly Batiks  
Kendra Trace Designs  
Krinkly Batiks  
League Of Women Voters  
Lexie Fischer  
Liscom Hill Pottery  
Magnetic Attraction  
Makino Studios  
Mark Young Ceramics  
Marnie Bugs  
McKinleyville Land Trust  
North Bay Clayworks  
Northcoast Environmental Center  
Nothing Obvious  
Ohana Organics  
One Of A Kind Threads  
Organic Attire (Mendocino Softworks)  
Outlaw Kitchen  
Pachamama Jewels  
Paula Fong Illustrations  
Peace Pops  
Peony & Petal  
People Of The Forest  
Poon Kinney Forge  
Pottery By Mitch  
Rampart Sk8park  
Ray Storch Enamels  
renewable energy  
Revivall CLothing  
Rise Designs  
Ron Peterson Jewelry  
Roni Feldman  
Rosewood Naturals  
Round Tuit Spoons  
Sacred Light Studio  
Sandy’s Stuff  
Sew It Seams Clothing  
Sexi Seaweed  
Six Rivers Planned Parenthood  
Starr Daley  
Starseed Solargraphics  
Stone Fever  
String Things  
Sun Room Studios  
Sunny Asylum designs  
Sympatico Clothing  
Tami Sioux  
TenTrees Tribe  
Tess McGuire Hatworks  
The Lonesome Wood Company  
The Lost Frenchman  
Thimbleberry Threads  
Thistle Glass  
Timberline Stained Glass  
Trumbly Designs  
Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens  
Unique Beaded Jewelry  
Vol Center Of The Redwoods  
Wandering Tulip  
Waxing Moon Batiks / Ceraluna  
Weaving Monk  
Wild Oak  
Wugbug Clothing Company  

Sorted by Booth Number

Booth Vendor
001 North Bay Clayworks
002 Amy Pollock, Fiber Artist
003 Sandy’s Stuff
004 Pachamama Jewels
005 Coin Smitten
006 Poon Kinney Forge
007 Golden Spirits
008 By Nieves
009 Hyampom Valley Soap
010 Tami Sioux
011 Rise Designs
012 Rumpelsilkskin
013 Copious Glass
014 Pottery By Mitch
015 Krinkly Batiks
016 TenTrees Tribe
017 Revivall CLothing
018 Batikwalla
019 Ray Storch Enamels
020 The Lonesome Wood Company
021 Boozy Baubles
022 Waxing Moon Batiks / Ceraluna
023 Liscom Hill Pottery
024 renewable energy
027 Arcata Playhouse
028 Sprout
029 Round Tuit Spoons
030 Rosewood Naturals
031 After the Gold Rush
033 Timberline Stained Glass
034 Sun Room Studios
035 Ambrz Art
036 Cara Johnson Design
038 League Of Women Voters
042 Makino Studios
043 Fused Glass House
044 Dragonfly Pottery
045 Briana Kaufmann & Company
046 Elquino Artefacto
047 Batty Bats
048 Handwoven by Jane
049 Dusty Rose Design
050 Mark Young Ceramics
051 Keiber Glass
052 DragonArt Glass
053 Elka Herbals
054 Starseed Solargraphics
055 Wild Oak
056 Shebobo
057 Trumbly Designs
058 Fantasy Lane Fairies
059 Wugbug Clothing Company
060 Sympatico Clothing
061 Golden Bee Candleworks
062 All Dogs Biscuit Bakery
063 Stone Fever
067 Dancing Tree
068 John & Eva’s  Imagery Dyes
069 Magnetic Attraction
070 YeahYeah!
071 People Of The Forest
072 Unique Beaded Jewelry
073 Ohana Organics
074 Marnie Bugs
075 Guinnevere’s Candles
077 Rampart Sk8park
078 Eckankar
079 Humboldt County Democrats
083 RCEA
086 Daishu-Yn West
088 Congo Cafe
091 Girl Friday Art
092 Six Rivers Planned Parenthood
093 CA Assoc of Midwives
096 Bohemian Mermaid
097 Flame Wrangler
098 TerraTopia
099 Kendra Trace Designs
100 Julia Garretson Artist
101 C 11 LLC
102 Sunny Asylum designs
103 Alaya Maitri Jewelry
104 Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens
105 Beautiful People Boutique
106 David Kelley Woodworking
107 JBBuffalo
108 Anna’s Haute Aprons
109 Heartwood Natural Toys
110 Ozone
111 Paula Fong Illustrations
121 String Things
122 Green Pisces Designs
123 Weaving Monk
125 3 Fold Clothing
126 Thimbleberry Threads
127 Cool Shoes/ Mocassin Co
128 Dervish
129 Starr Daley
131 Thistle Glass
132 Harmonic Botanicals
134 Hat People
135 Sew It Seams Clothing
136 7th Mountain Design
137 Diane’s Sweet Heat
138 One Of A Kind Threads
139 Blue Moon Crafted Creations
140 Ucanrelax
141 Seapod
142 Head Change Arts
143 Baltic Amber & Creations
144 Peony & Petal
145 Roni Feldman
146 Jo Stafinbil Jewelry
147 Fern Valley Soaps
149 Organic Attire (Mendocino Softworks)
150 Tess McGuire Hatworks
151 Jim Xu
152 Nothing Obvious
153 Fibre Poet / Kittens Knitting
154 Wandering Tulip
155 Sexi Seaweed
156 Ron Peterson Jewelry
157 Just a Little Charm
158 Crop Tees
159 Driftwood Designs
160 Vol Center Of The Redwoods
162 Friends of the Eel River
163 CA Native Plant Society
165 Hudson River Inlay
166 Lexie Fischer
167 Circle Creations
168 Blessed Lotus
169 Sacred Light Studio
170 Waxtivities
171 Catlin Blair Harvey Studios
173 Arcata School Of Massage
174 Henna Adorned
175 Times-Standard
180 Humboldt Co Green Party
182 Humboldt Hotsauce
183 The Lost Frenchman
185 Outlaw Kitchen
186 McKinleyville Land Trust
187 Arcata Kiwanis
188 KMUD
190 Annie’s Cambodian Foods
191 Dancing Gypsy Pies
193 Northcoast Environmental Center
195 Humboldt Hot Dogs
65 Adams Olive Ranch
STR A Peace Chain
STR Peace Pops
STR Caricature Arts


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